Essex Bio-Technology Listed on Two Authoritative Lists
2021.07.25 Download
· Zhuhai Essex first appeared on the “Top 100 Chinese Chemical Pharmaceutical Companies Ranking
· Beifushu® won the “2021 China Pharmaceutical Brands List” for the third time

Hong Kong, 25 Jul 2021

Essex Bio-Technology Ltd (“Essex” or the “Group”, Stock Code: 1061.HK)  is pleased to announce that in the “2020 China Pharmaceutical Industry Top 100 Series List” and “2021 China Pharmaceutical Brand List” recently released by the domestic medical authority Menet and Pharmaceutical Economic News, the group’s indirect wholly-owned subsidiary Zhuhai Essex Biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (“Zhuhai Essex”) was selected for the first time in the “Top 100 Chinese Chemical Pharmaceutical Companies Ranking”, and the Group’s Beifushu®, was listed on the “2021 China Pharmaceutical Brands List” for three consecutive years with its strong brand power.

Based on its three major terminals and six major market databases, Menet selected the “2020 China Pharmaceutical Industry Top 100 Series List” from the two important dimensions of innovation driving force and professional promotion power. The “China Pharmaceutical Brands List” strictly screens the shortlisted brands based on the sales amount and growth rate of products in the past three years (2018-2020) shown by terminal monitoring data. At the same time, the WeChat voting method was used to select the list of the top brands on the final list. During the selection process, it has received high attention and active participation from professional organizations and people in the industry. The list is highly authoritative and influential.

The inclusion of the two authoritative lists is the industry’s full affirmation of Essex’s development achievements. The Group is encouraged on being conferred the ranking and listing and would like to extend its gratitude and appreciations to all stakeholders for their contributions over the years. Faced with new opportunities and challenges, The Group will continue to strive pragmatically and innovatively to deliver unmet therapeutics, especially in the field of ophthalmology and wound care and healing, and to strengthen its market access capability for sustainable growth and blessing of people at large.

About Beifushu®

Beifushu® is a national first-in-class biologics based on rb-bFGF, and it is also the world’s first marketed growth factor ophthalmic preparation. After more than 20 years on the market, Beifushu® obtained recognition and trust by clinicians and patients, the sales volume ranks among the top ophthalmic drugs. It is mainly used to treat corneal injuries and diseases caused by various reasons, and is widely used in post-surgery remedy, dry eye, etc. It is currently the first-line medication for the treatment of ocular surface repair. The third generation of Beifushu®-a preservative-free Unit-dose Beifushu® Eye Drops is now on the market. With the advantages of no preservatives and convenient use, it will enhance the choice of patients on the range of Beifushu® series products for the best treatment outcome.

About Essex

Essex Bio-Technology Limited is a bio-pharmaceutical company that develops, manufactures and commercialises genetically engineered therapeutic rb-bFGF (FGF-2), having six commercialised biologics marketed in China since 1998. The products of the Company are principally prescribed for the treatment of wounds healing and diseases in Ophthalmology and Dermatology, which are marketed and sold through approximately 9,000 hospitals and managed directly by its 43 regional sales offices in China. Leveraging on its in-house R&D platform in growth factor and antibody, the Company maintains a pipeline of projects in various clinical stages, covering a wide range of fields and indications.
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