Leveraging on in-house R&D platform,the Company maintains a pipeline of projects in various clinical stages,covering a wide range of fields of indication
Remain True to Our Original Aspiration –Innovation Driven
In the early 1990s,  research and development team was established to carry out innovative research and development
In 1996, we established production plants for API (rb-bFGF) and formulations
In 1998, the first rb-bFGF surgical product Beifuji launched in China
In 1999, the first rb-bFGF ophthalmic product Beifushu Eye Drops launched in China
Solid R&D of biologic APIs and drug products
rb-bFGF/rh-bFGF and others for the treatment of ocular surface wounds, topical wounds, nerve injuries
mAb, bsAb, sdAb, scFv, ADC/FDC, etc.
Drug Formulation
Successfully developed eyedrops, eye gel, spray, lyophilized powder, gel
Producing preservative-free single-dose drugs in particular ocular drugs
· Provincial Enterprise Technology Centre
· Guangdong Provincial Cytokine Engineering Technology Research Centre
· Guangdong Provincial Ophthalmic Medicine Engineering Technology Research Centre
· Guangdong Province Aerosol Inhalation Formulation Engineering Technology Research Centre
· China Pharmaceutical University Excellent Engineering Master's Internship Base
· The teaching and practice base of South China University of Technology, Wenzhou Medical University and Zunyi Medical University
· National Postdoctoral Research Station
· Undertook National "Ninth Five-Year Plan" major scientific and technological research project
· Undertook National "Torch Plan" Project
· Undertook National "Major New Drug Creation" Project
· Owns 73 patents, including 52 invention patents, 14 utility patents, 7 design patent
· rb-bFGF eye drops was awarded one of the National Outstanding Innovation
· rb-bFGF gel was awarded one of the National Outstanding Innovation
· Honoured with the second prize of "National Scientific and Technology Progress Award" issued by the State Council in 2004 and 2018
To the Future — Broad Innovation Prospects
Continued product development,Improve drug discovery

Ophthalmology: fast-follower and to identify new generation of therapeutics
Oncology: to be global stakeholder
Research Centre (PRC)
· Located in Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province
· Conduct translational research
· Undertake for NMPA registration of in-house and overseas projects
· Talent incubation: National Post-Doctoral Research Centre set up in Zhuhai
Research Centre (Abroad)
· Located in Boston (US), London (UK) and Singapore
· Led by Dr. XUE Qi, Chief Scientific Officer of Company
· Mainly focus on the research and development of new drugs in the field of ophthalmology and oncology
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