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Adv.Dental® Carisolv system
Carisolv Caries minimally invasive remove rotten Gel and excavation Tool
Specification Carisolv gel specification: 0.3 g/tube Caritool: 1 piece/pack, 3 pieces/pack and 5 pieces/pack
Adv.Dental® Carisolv system is the third generation of painless and minimally invasive chemo-mechanical caries removal technique system composed of Carisolv gel, minimally invasive Caritool and Carisolv indicators, which is a revolutionary breakthrough in the field of dentistry and it has brought a new concept for caries removal.
· Minimally invasive: Complete removal of dental caries without damage to the healthy dental tissues and effectively extending the lifetime of teeth
· Painless: Painless treatment without noise and patients feel comfortable
· No fear: Avoid or reduce the use of drilling and anesthesia and patients will not be afraid; patients can receive treatment in a relaxing status under a friendly environment
· No complications: Treatment under quiet and friendly environment can reduce the risks of developing complications
· No secondary caries: Effective sterilization; eliminating dental plaques and reducing the occurrence of secondary caries
· Good filling effect: After caries removal, the surface of dental tissues is rough, which creates a good dentin bonding strength with the filling materials, effectively preventing the exfoliation of the filling materials after dental filling
· Adv.Dental® Carisolv system can be widely used for removing carious dentin tissues. It has unique advantages in the following aspects
· Treatment of root caries
· Treatment of deep cavities
· Treatment of dental caries for children, pregnant women, the elderly and patients with dental fear
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