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Latanoprost Eye Drops
Specification 0.005%(2.5ml:125μg)
Xalatan® is the first PG eyedrops launched on the market in the world by Pfizer. It is also the first-line drug for the treatment of glaucoma in most of the countries and regions. Essex Medipharma is responsible for the promotion and sale of the product in the mainland China.
The active ingredient latanoprost is the analogue of prostaglandin F2, which is a selective prostaglandin FP receptor agonist that can reduce intraocular pressure by enhancing the outflow of aqueous humor. For human being, the intraocular pressure (IOP) starts to drop down 3 or 4 hours later after drug administration, and the maximum effect can be achieved 8 to 12 hours later. Intraocular pressure reduction effect can last at least 24 hours. Studies on animals and human showed that the main action mechanism of the drug is to increase the bypass flow of uveoscleral of aqueous humor, but its benefit to the outflow of aqueous humor in human eyes by reducing the drainage resistance was also reported
· The first line drug recommended by the guidelines in many countries
· Reducing intraocular pressure over 25%
· IOP meets standard for 24 hours after drug administration
· The first PG drug with the largest prescription in the world
· High medication persistence rate, as 81.6% of patients can adhere to medication for two years
The product is indicated for the reduction of elevated IOP of patients with open-angle glaucoma and ocular hypertension
《National Drug List for Basic Medical Insurance, Work Related Injury Insurance and Maternity Insurance (2019)》
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